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Dr. Mbye Kebba Kah (HA)

Mbye Kebba Kah is the son of Sering Alhaji Kebba Kah, son of Sering Mass Kah (May Allah Have Mercy on them). Sering Mam Mass Kah is the founder of Medina Sering Mass Village of Lower Niumi, North Bank Region, in The Gambia. His mother is Mam Mbayang Sarr, from Mbanta Village in North Bank Region. Mbye Kebba Kah was born in the early 1950s in Medina Sering Mass. His grandfather Sering Mass Kah is said to be amongst the eldest Islamic Scholars in the Senegambia region. He was the source of Islamic knowledge and education to many scholars; the likes of Sering Omar Saho, Sering Cherno Omar Jallow, just to name a few. Mbye Kebba Kah is amongst the of Sering Alhaji Kebba Kah’s sons.

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